Great Meeting this Morning at WVH

This mornings meeting was wonderful with our dedicated south Florida manager. Traveling from New York to visit us and share experiences , seek solutions to drive better reservations and experiences for all of ours guests !

Thank you Samantha for your time and thank you Wonder Vacation Homes team for collaborating and making such a unique work. Love it 😍!

We are one of the greatest property managers in Florida with our great performance in occupancy, Average daily rate and growth history ! 💪🏽👊🏽🙏🏽

We are also helping the entire trade with our solutions and expertise that they love to benchmark with us 👀💙

Let’s keep doing WVH team !

✅ Top Producer
✅ Great Host
✅ Full Service Property Manager
✅ Hotel Expertise
✅ Target Marketing 🎯

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