Hurricane Ian / Update + Curfew 9/29/2022

Newest Update shows Ian as TS on Atlantic Ocean now

Hurricane Ian was one the biggest to reach Florida peninsula ( 20 miles diameter ) and made a lot of destruction on his path, specially on west coast where it made landfall.

Luckily our Central Florida had not so much destruction since it reduced speed from 145 mph cat 4 from coast to almost 65 mph and TS Tropical Storms ( close to Polk County at 2am thu ) when came to our area and better he came lower line position than expected so was even far from original prediction lines…

We got strong winds gusts up to 70 mph and strong rainfall during entire night and until today, now afternoon is light raining and few winds.Much better as Ian came to East Cost today morning and now is leaving our State.

Osceola County Curfew:

Due flood areas and cleaning streets and fixing power utilities , Osceola County has stated the curfew today 09/29/2022 from 9pm to 6am , follow information :

A curfew has been enacted in the city of Kissimmee from 9 p.m. Thursday until 6 a.m. Friday because of major flooding in the city.

It does not apply to essential personnel and people traveling to and from work.

Due to extensive flooding in our community, the City of Kissimmee has issued a mandatory curfew from 9 pm to 6 am until further notice. Remain at home during that time unless you are required to commute for work or are an essential worker.

Ours Communities are safe !

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