Celebrate the Fourth of July with Pool, Barbecue, and Freedom!

“Laughter is America’s most important export.”— Walt Disney

As you celebrate the 4th of July with your festive red, white and blue desserts, and your awesome barbecue menu, you’ll likely want to commemorate the day with family and friends; you always notice the beauty, but today it is more so because the trees are no longer bare. The sun is warm. People are out. It is finally summer!

So whether you plan on celebrating with a backyard BBQ or by watching Florida’s fireworks show, these 4 stunning properties are all about the red, white and blue:

From $129.00 /night

3 bd︱4 ba︱8 Guests

7486 Magic Village

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From $256.00 /night

6 bd︱5 ba︱17 Guests

7650 Encore Resort

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From $189.00 /night

8 bd︱7 ba︱15 Guests

9262 Champions Gate

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From $118.00 /night

4 bd︱3 ba︱13 Guests

958 Champions Gate

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